Organizing Services

Declutter. Organize. Prioritize. Treasure.

Work with one of our professional organizers to declutter, create systems, reduce stress, and build the life you treasure

Organizing Services

to make your home FUNCTION... beautifully!

Your priorities are the fundamental focus of your life – don’t let disorder distract you from them! We will help you release the excess that is holding you back, then organize what is left in the way that works best for you, so that you can pursue what is truly important to you.

We will evaluate your goals for each space, what is already working, excess that is holding you back, and create systems that will work for storing and maintaining. With access to a Certified Professional Organizer, and experienced, caring organizers working with you on site, our team can work on your timetable, and within your comfort level.

Reduce stress, gain more time, and make room for the life you treasure!

Organized closet

Residential Organizing

Feeling overwhelmed by a disorganized space? Our professional
organizers will help you visualize what your room can become, declutter, find the best storage solutions for your needs, and create time management strategies. Reduce stress, save time, and wake up to an organized space that energizes you. Let’s create a sanctuary for your wellbeing!

woman on phone talking with virtual organizer

Virtual Organizing

Prefer to declutter, organize, and optimize your space with the guidance of a professional organizer from the comfort of your own home? Virtual organizing services are ideal for those seeking a flexible, efficient, and personalized solution to tackle clutter and create harmony in their living or workspaces, no matter where they are located!

an organized office

Office Organization

Get help organizing your home office for increased focus and reduced stress. Implementing effective paper management and filing systems can save time and energy and ensure important documents are always within reach. Our organizers can provide guidance on productivity strategies for a more efficient work environment.

Life Transitions - two seniors contemplating life

Seniors - Life Transitions

We understand how stressful downsizing can be. Our services include decluttering, packing, and move management services as well as organization assistance and “fast start” unpacking, to make you feel at home as quickly as possible. Our team provides personalized and compassionate support throughout the process to provide peace of mind to seniors and their families.

Take it One Step at a Time!

free phone consultation

1. Free Phone Consultation

In this 20-30 minute phone call, we begin to flesh out your project and plans for the space. Ask questions to understand whether working with an organizer is right for you. We get to know each other so that I can match you up with the best organizer for you.

working session - organizer katie mcallister working in a girl's closet

2. 3-Hour Working Session

In this session, we will tour the relevant spaces, make a general action plan, and DIG IN. With a small investment of time and money, you get to see whether your organizer is a good fit, AND be energized by how much you accomplish together!

Decide Commit Repeat - organizing action plan

3. Action Plan

We will end the session making sure you know the plan going forward, and how to schedule future sessions!


On-site organizing is priced by the hour and number of organizers. Our standard session is 3 hours with one organizer at a price of $180.

We've helped others, and we can help you too!

"She was great with working with me, she gives you time to figure out what you want to do, yet is quick and efficient. She was patient, kind, and yet focused on encouraging me to gain back my space and create order and peace in my home. 'Let it go!' Thanks for your help!"

Audrey - York, PA

I just moved into a new house and in three hours she made life so much easier. Katie has the most optimism and cheerfulness. You'll be astounded what she can accomplish in just one session. If we could give more stars we would!

Karen - Lancaster, PA

"She worked her magic quickly and enthusiastically, and left me with renewed optimism about making this house into a home!"

Candace - Pequea, PA

Get a Free Consultation

Set up a free phone consultation to talk about your specific situation, and see if we are a good fit, so that we can get you set up to hit the ground running in your first session! Let’s move you towards order, peace, and a home you treasure! Feel free to call if that’s better for you:

717-699-8414 or email:

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